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1. One person must be identified by the family who will be responsible for communicating with the home health care department.
2. The patient’s data must be updated in case of changing the contact numbers or the home address.
3. The patient/family should treat kind staff in a decent manner.
4. A caregiver/or family member must be available during the therapy session who can ask questions about the patient’s care/condition but should not interfere with the therapy session.
5. The patient must be ready and clean for the session before the home health care team arrives.
6. Please take your meal and the prescribed medications before the session, according to the directions of the doctor in charge of the case.
7. The family must prepare a place for the home health care team in which they can provide their services without interruption, such as the presence of a television set, visitors to the family, or other family members during the session, in order to protect the privacy of the patient.
8. The patient must stay in one house during the treatment period: as the continuity of treatment – in case the patient changes his location – depends on the possibility of having appointments in the new area.
9. The length of your stay depends on the medical recommendations of the treating medical team and is subject to change according to your medical and rehabilitation needs during the program.
10. The team will give you a (service acknowledgment form) that you sign at each visit to confirm that you have received the service.

Cancellation Policy:

1. In the event that you wish to cancel in advance or change the date of a visit during the term of the contract, we appreciate you notifying us at least 24 hours before the scheduled visit time, excluding weekends. In the event that we are notified less than 24 hours before the date of the visit, the entire value of the visit will be calculated on the client’s account.
2. If you want to cancel the entire contract – before the start of the treatment plan – the cancellation request must be submitted a week before the start of the treatment plan, and if the cancellation request is submitted less than a week before the start of the contract, cancellation fees will be calculated at 5% of the total contract value And return the remaining balance to the customer. – If any – .
3. In the event that the contract is canceled during the contract period and the full value of the contract has been paid by the client – the treatment plan has been started – the value of the services provided to the patient will be recalculated from the beginning of the contract on the basis of the original price of the services before the discount and the remaining balance will be returned to the client .
4. In the event that the client wishes to stop the treatment plan during the implementation period and change the service to another service, the above-mentioned cancellation conditions will be applied and then the patient’s remaining balance – if any – will be transferred to the requested service.
5. If the appointment is canceled after the team arrives at your home, the cost of the visit will be fully charged to the client.
6. The treatment will be canceled if the house door is not opened and the team waits for more than 15 minutes.
7. All requests for appointment change or cancellation are subject to the evaluation of the treating physician to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment plan and achieve the maximum benefit in the client’s interest.
8. Any service provided to the customer by a third party (lab tests – x-rays – others) is subject to the third party’s cancellation policy and the above terms and conditions do not apply.

Situations under which your Home Medicare program will be discontinued:

1. If your goals are met.
2. If you have been admitted to any hospital for more than 24 hours.
3. If the cancellation is made after the care team arrives for 3 consecutive times without informing the home health care department.
4. If you are traveling or have a layover of more than 5 days, requiring a new referral if follow-up is required.
5. Any unethical behavior by the patient/family towards home health care staff.
6. Lack of financial funding for the service